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Since established in 1975, Firstec Co., Ltd has been playing an important role as a professional of national defense industry in the fields of Gun, Mobile Equipment, Guided Weapons and Aerospace Business.
With entering into the facial recognition security systems, we expect that there will be active movement in an application industry such as passport, entrance and exit system, computer security, ATM and IC cards.

Defense Industry
      · Mobile Equipments · Guns · Guided Weapon · Aviations Business
        ·automated Suppression System

Face Recognition System
      · Face Recognition System · RF Card System · CCTV System

Contact Information

Main office
456-8 Nae-Dong, Chang-won City, Keong-Nam
456-8 Nae-Dong, Chang-won City, Keong-Nam (Defense Industry)
Seoul Office
113-8 Samsung-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul (Chemical / Automotive)
Keun Soo, Kim / Yong Woo, Jeon
Web Site
+82-55-282-4131(Main Office/Chang- won Plant
+82-31-627-4554(Seongnam Office)
+82-55-284-7141(Main Office/Chang- won Plant
+82-31-627-4599(Seongnam Office)